FAQs About Grades

How grading works

Everyone starts the course with 0 points. As you engage the course content and submit evidence of your learning in the learning activities (discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, etc.), your work is evaluated and points are given and added to the grade book.

The grade book shows you the number of points each learning activity is worth, the number of points you earned, and how that converts to a letter grade.

As the course progresses, you gain in knowledge and in points. The final grade displayed in the grade book is not final until the facilitator completes grading after the end of the course.

I submitted my work. Why is there no grade?

Grades for most learning activities are entered manually after the facilitator has read and evaluated your work.

What to do: Give the facilitator time to read and respond. If you have not received a grade or feedback by one week after you submitted your work, please contact the course facilitator to ask when grades will be posted.

Why does my grade display as "D" or F"?

There are several reasons why a low letter grade may display. Here are the most common.

Empty grades

The Moodle grade reports include empty grades, so the course total and unit totals include grades for learning activities that have not yet been submitted and for work that has been submitted and not yet graded.

What to do: Don't worry about low grades in these cases; Moodle will update the unit and course totals as the course facilitator grades your work throughout the course.

Learning activities with low point totals

When a learning activity is worth 2 points or 4 points and you earn 1 or 2 points, Moodle will record that as 50% and display an "F" for that activity. Or if a quiz has three questions and you only get two correct, Moodle will calculate that as 66% which converts to a "D."

What to do: If you can complete the elements of the activity you omitted or re-take the quiz you may be able to raise your grade for that activity. However, some activities in some courses do not allow do-overs or re-takes, so read all the instructions for each learning activity carefully before you begin.

An occasional low grade for an individual learning activity that is worth a small number of points will not cause you to fail the course as it's only a few points out of 100. Repeated low grades, however, will have an adverse affect on your course total.

Quality of work

A low grade may reflect the facilitator's evaluation of the quality of your work or it may include a deduction for a late submission.

What to do: Read the feedback from the facilitator and determine what you can do to improve you work. Contact your facilitator if you have questions.


To request a transcript from GBHEM, please send an email message to the COS Records Office at cosregistrar@gbhem.org with the words "Transcript Request" in the subject line. Include your full name and PID # in your message. Please note that transcripts are updated within six weeks after the end of the term.

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