Got Questions?

Who to contact for help

About your course or unit

Contact your course facilitator (for COS/ACOS) or Certified Educator (for CPE).

See also the answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Grades.

About final grades and transcripts

See the "Transcripts" section of Frequently Asked Questions About Grades.

About logging in or using Moodle (this online learning site)

Contact Cam Howard, COS/ACOS and CPE Moodle Admin and Support, at

About registration and upcoming courses

See the COS/ACOS Registration site; upcoming courses are listed for the next two terms.

About the GBHEM online Course of Study program

Contact the GBHEM COS Office

About the GBHEM Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program

Contact Rev. Dr. Soomee Kim, Director of the Center for Integrative Pastoral Practice,

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