On the other side of the pandemic, we face old questions in a new era for mission and ministry: How do we understand/define the Church and what is its purpose? Given new vision of the systemic racism and economic inequities in our communities and in our congregations, what constitutes a faithful Christian witness? How do we preach the gospel and form Christian discipleship capable to the task of ministry now? And most important, how do we discern and participate in the active work of God’s Spirit in the world?

In this course, we will draw from Wesleyan and Methodist theological tradition to renew the work of “social holiness,” a term that describes both the Church’s ways of evangelism and discipleship formation, and the Church’s witness to and engagement with the world. For students, pastors, and congregations seeking to embrace in new ways the Wesleyan call to Social Holiness, this course will provide resources to strengthen the work of evangelism and outreach, ministry and mission.